Version 2.0 chassis is now online

After cutting out and testing over 80 Hack-E-Bot chassis last weekend, I decided that it was time to post the new laser cut files. The biggest changes were made to the wheels, line sensor section, and the front servo mount. The new files can be found on Thingiverse.



Burning Hack-E-Bots

Dialing in the laser cutter settings for cutting out Hack-E-Bot chassis. I have to re-trace a few parts to get the settings right. The multiple passes produced flames in some spots. Continue reading

The Parts Are In

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last shipment of parts has just arrived. I have been organizing and building on stuff as it has come in. I even got a bit of help doing servo mods last weekend. I now have all of the parts needed to fulfill […]



Hack-E-Bot supplies are on their way.

Now that the crowd funding capital is in my hands, I have placed orders for everything that needs to be shipped to me. This includes the 200 Pro Trinkets from Adafruit, 400 servos, 260 Sonar sensors, 200 Breadboards, 200 Battery boxes, 200 Micro USB cables, and a rather large order […]

Hack-E-Bot Servos just got better.

I got word from our representative at Feetech that they recently upgraded to a better potentiometer for the FS90R servos that are used for the Hack-E-Bots. This should make the servo more stable and consistent for small movements. Now that our crowd funding has gone through, I will post more info […]

This is an image that was sent to me of the new pot for the FS90R.


Hack-E-Bot funding was successful!!

It was close, but we made it happen. We are glad to see that supporters from all over the world will be getting Hack-E-Bots and we can’t wait to see what projects people will do with them.

Crowd funding ends in 12 hours

Hack-E-Bot needs your help to finish funding for our first large order of parts. We have a few more hours to go and we are so close to our goal. Even a $5 support donation is helpful, but we have donation levels to get your own robot for as little […]



DIY and bulk kits now available

To make things easier for makers, Maker Spaces, and robotics groups, we now have a listing for some less expensive DIY kits and a new bulk package. These kits include all of the parts that are needed to build the Hack-E-Bot. However, you will have to do a bit more […]

S.T.E.A.M. Hack-E-Bot 1

This is a special edition Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) version of the Hack-E-Bot. It is made out of stained and varnished wood with many additional embellishments. However, this is not just a nice looking piece of art, it is a fully functional modular robot that can do […]



Hack-E-Bot is getting a brain upbraid

The original Hack-E-Bot kit was designed to start kids off with the Adafruit Trinket, a small Arduino chip, for use as the robots brain. The Trinket is quite powerful for it’s size but somewhat limiting for a robot. We have now decided to upgrade that brain to the Adafruit Trinket […]